• Interior, dining area
  • Covered patio area, tables and seats
  • Interior, bar with seated guests and staff

Coarse Italian

About us

We are a locally owned restaurant and we are just like YOU. Born, raised, and settled in the unique and ever-growing Chicago suburbs.

It started with one simple idea...

To provide a superior dining experience through exceptional handcrafted Italian-inspired dishes, and excellent service, perfectly complemented with a quaint inviting atmosphere.
We know what makes restaurants here great, but we wanted to take it a step further. We invite YOU to come to check out what makes Coarse Italian special!

About the Owners

Brothers, Franco and Vito Francese have been in the restaurant business for many years. Together, they co-own the acclaimed Mattone Restaurant & Bar in La Grange Park.
Franco has made a name for himself by appearing on WGN and WCIU, in addition to a variety of articles from Chicago Food Magazine to Restaurant Insider, and many more.